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Set up your mining rig and join our mining farm.
We are able to provide you with fully outsourced mining services, such as:

  • Housing

Ship your miners to our Serbian-based facility and we install them, with a great saving on power cost;

  • Mining Rig Assembly and Sales

We can sell you the best equipment for your miners, assemble them and host into our Serbian-based mining facility, with a great saving on power cost;

  • Support Services

Our onsite engineers provide quick reaction to miners downtime due to hardware or power failure;

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Training & Consultancies

Our Experts are at your disposal for a complete support about mining, investments in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.
We are professional IT Formation specialists and have been doing training session for years.
As we are now involved into the world of cryptocurrencies, we’ve adapted and started providing training services for privates and companies that are willing to quickly explore and understand the world of crypto, having no time to investigate on their own into the sometime confusing world of blockchain based currencies and technologies.

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Develop your own applications for Blockchain and strengthen your business making data exchange completely secure.
Whether you want to lay your application on a Distributed Ledger or forge a new cryptocurrency, we are able to support you along the design and implementation of your crypto-based applications.

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Open your wallet and start trading in cryptocurrencies.
Our professional traders are specialized into providing the best profits available in the market. 

Benefit today from the money of tomorrow

Chainvest.it is the cryptocurrencies and Blockchain partner of NeTeCo, trusted IT solutions provider.