Want to get into the cryptocurrencies world but have no idea where to start?

As in every pioneering Gold Rush you have to start MINING!

Except that in this case you don’t need a pickaxe but one of our dedicated mining rig.

Buy your personal mining rig in one click and become part of the Chainvest miners community. Full leasing option is available, so you don’t need to pay the whole hardware price upfront. Don’t you feel like owning your personal mining rig? We designed the Cloud Mining Service especially for you.

Benefit from our full service that includes hardware set up and maintenance, complete technical support and co-location service. We offer 6 months warranty on the hardware along with insurance against theft and fire.

Just relax. Your rig makes the hard work while we are always there keeping an eye on the hardware and facility, checking everything is up and running at any time.

Every week you receive your mining profits, paid in Bitcoin or any other pre-agreed cryptocurrency. You can now move your digital coins into your personal wallet and make your investment grow.

At any time you can trade with your profits, buying and selling digital coins on your own. If you prefer to receive professional advice, our expert traders are always up to date with the cryptocurrencies market trends; they can support you with financial consultancies and even take care of your digital coins on your behalf.

You are completely free to manage your digital coins the way you prefer and you can exchange them with other crypto or fiat currencies anytime you want.

Our offer

Offshore mining

You purchase a complete mining rig and we provide a full service, taking care of rigs, facility, maintenance and technical support. We offer co-location service, hosting your own mining rig into our mining farm, providing you with all the needed services and technical assistance.

Our mining rigs are equipped as follows:

  1. Ethereum-friendly MINING RIG
  2. NVIDIA 1070 8GB Setup Running on Windows, tweaked to achieve best performances
  3. CPU Celeron G3930 1151
  4. PSU 1200W 80Plus Gold
  5. Solid State Drive 64gb
  6. RAM 8GB DDR4
  7. Motherboard ASRock H110 Pro BTC+

All the hardware is insured against fire and theft.

Maintenance is included in the two years contract with 6 months warranty on the hardware.

There are also available Full Leasing options that would avoid you from paying upfront with the whole mining rig pricing.

Mining profits are shared on weekly basis and paid in Bitcoin or other pre-agreed cryptocurrency.

Training & Consultancies – Mining

Thanks to our great experience and know-how we are able to completely support our customers with technical assistance, consultancies and dedicated training courses.

Find out more about our Training & Consultancies service.